FC Nantes. Turnaround, Ludovic Blas will extend and play against Toulouse

The day was once again crazy at FC Nantes. Between the draw for the Europa League, the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport concerning the dispute between Cardiff and the FCN concerning the transfer of Emiliano Sala, the rant of Antoine Kombouaré concerning the transfer window, the end of the day been marked by an incredible turnaround.

West France announced that Ludovic Blas will not go to Lille and will stay at FC Nantes. Information that we are able to confirm to you. The playmaker should extend with the club on the banks of the Erdre, with a nice salary increase in the key (very close to what Losc offered for the player).

A few minutes later, some players confirmed the news on social networks, captain Alban Lafont in the lead, author of an amused tweet with the words « Se queda » (« he remains » in Spanish), in reference to the tweet that went viral of Spaniard Gerard Pique when Neymar transfer rumors from Barcelona to PSG were in full swing.

With this incredible reversal of the situation, Ludovic Blas should, still according to our information, finally play Sunday against Toulouse in Ligue 1, when he had announced Thursday to his coach that he was not in the state of mind of participate in the meeting. The player had thus hinted that he was ready to go to the standoff with his direction to join the North. The two clubs had agreed on a transfer valued at 15 million euros (+2.5 million euros in bonus) before the management of the FCN did an about-face, ending discussions to satisfy Antoine Kombouaré who didn’t want to see her weakened workforce.

I understand his position even if I don’t agree, » the Nantes technician commented earlier in the day about Blas’ decision not to play. He had also recalled, a premonitory sign, that Ludo hasn’t left yet. Lots of players have already decided to leave and have finally stayed. It’s annoying 1er September, but maybe on the 2nd or 3rd he will be with us and ready to play. It should even be on Sunday.

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