FaZe Clan delivery service: the E-Sport clan now delivers burgers and fries

Those who crave sandwiches but don’t feel like cooking can now get delivery from the FaZe Clan. The eSport team launches its own delivery service.

Los Angeles – When you’re working hard to escape Elo hell in esports, you have little time for anything other than gaming. Even the FaZe Clan had to experience cooking once in a while. Moments like these may well have been the catalyst for the esports team’s big new project. The FaZe Clan just launched their own sandwich delivery service.

FaZe Clan: Gamer-Style Sandwiches – FaZe Subs wants to feed the mouths of gamers

What exactly is this delivery service? On July 26, 2022, the FaZe clan made the big announcement of entering the system gastronomy business. On Twitter, the famous electronic sports team unveiled its own delivery service created by gamers* for gamers*: FaZe Subs. In collaboration with the DoorDash delivery platform, the newly created chain wants to deliver sub-sandwiches to regular gamers* because, as its slogan says: “ Hunger is not a game. »

What does the map say? At FaZe Subs, chunky sandwiches aren’t just part of the name, they’re central to the menu. FaZe Clan has collaborated with Chef Eric Greenspan and developed several sandwich variations to satisfy gamer hunger – inside jokes and in-game jargon as sandwich names can of course not be missing. FaZe Subs has nine different sandwiches so far, as well as sides and desserts:

  • #EZAF – Smoked cooked ham, cheddar, salad, red onions, pickles, honey mustard, fritos
  • HOT DROP – Grilled chicken, provolone, salad, red onions, cucumbers, Buffalo sauce, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
  • #OVERKILL – Smoked cooked ham, turkey bacon, provolone, salad, red onions, cucumbers, peppers, FaZe sauce, fluted chips
  • THE RUGFATHER – Smoked Turkey, Provolone, Salad, Red Onions, Cucumbers, Peperoncini, Guacamole, FaZe Sauce, Onion Rings
  • TOUCH GRASS – guacamole, salad, red onions, cucumbers, tomato sauce, anchovies with cheese
  • GRILLCAMS – Grilled chicken, provolone, salad, FaZe sauce
  • TIMMY – Smoked Cooked Ham, Cheddar, Salad, FaZe Sauce
  • TILTED TURKEY – Smoked Turkey, Provolone, Salad, FaZe Sauce
  • CHEESER – Melted cheddar and provolone + choice of topping

With these creations, you’d think FaZe Clan board member Snoop Dogg got his hands dirty with the recipes. Sadly, no one knows what’s behind the clan’s own FaZe Sauce other than the chefs themselves. Those who are even hungrier than the sandwiches can order different crisps and savory snacks as a side dish. There are also desserts, but only in the form of brownies in two different variations, with different toppings.

FaZe Clan: Player sandwiches already available in 21 states – No plans for Germany

Where does FaZe Subs already ship? With the revelation of the launch of its delivery service, FaZe Clan is directly embarking on a full-blown offensive to deliver its sandwiches to gamers*. The channel already has affiliates in 21 different US states, and FaZe Clan apparently intends to expand even further. On the FaZe Subs website, fans can already share their wishes about the future opening of a branch of the delivery service.

Faze Subs Logo on Sub Sandwich

In Germany, don’t expect to be able to order a FaZe Sub at lunchtime in the near future. The FaZe Clan has yet to announce any other international expansion plans, we assume for now that the esports team will expand their channel exclusively to the United States.

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