fate brings Liverpool back to Milan again

The club that saw the birth of the Beatles lets shivers shine through the peninsula of our dear spiritual father Giuseppe Garibaldi. Whether you are in the Eternal City, Piedmont or Lombardy, tackling a subject involving the future English opponent of Inter gives off emotions or even rage. Focus on Liverpool and its particular history with Italian clubs.

From the final won against Roma to the Heysel tragedy

From Rome via Juventus to Milan, the English hunting roster is more than honorable: Champions League (6) Europa League (3) UEFA Super Cup (4) Club World Cup (1) , taking into account that they were banned from European Cup for six years.

Three periods mark the spirits and are forever engraved in the memories of the transalpine fans of these last forty years. The 1984 Champions League final takes place in Rome. It pits the English Liverpool against AS Roma, which looks great with its internationals Bruno Conti, Francesco Graziani or its Brazilian stars Falcao, Cerezo. After a tense match, Liverpool finally won on penalties. After the match, gangs of Roma supporters assault Liverpool fans, forcing them to turn back to their hotels. Many English fans are attacked and even injured. At the time, hypotheses predicted that the English hooligans would seek revenge.

May 1985, Liverpool FC is the best football team in Europe. This time, she has to do battle with the Old Lady, an unfortunate finalist of the 1983 European Cup (C1) but winner of the 1984 Cup Cup (C2). In its ranks we find the framework of the Squadra azzurra (world champion in 1982) as well as Michel Platini, the triple Golden Ball (1983, 1984 and 1985) and European champion 1984 as well as the Polish Boniek.

Earlier this year, in January, Liverpool lost 2-0 to Turin in the European Super Cup final against Juventus (this game was played in a game and not a back and forth following a an agreement between the two club presidents). The final of the 1985 European Cup of Football Champions Clubs between Liverpool and Juventus remains forever sadly associated with the Heysel Drama which claimed 39 victims.

Nearly 60,000 supporters take place in the Heysel stadium, very dilapidated for an event of such importance. Under the pressure of hooligans who came in large numbers, the police are completely overwhelmed. They fail to control the supporters, allowing a major part of them to enter without a ticket. The English hooligans have kept their word, they are indeed there. One wonders if the 22 actors present on the ground were aware of the number of lifeless bodies already before the start of the meeting. UEFA had decided that we had to play and we played. The bianconeri will win 1-0 from the penalty spot (the saddest penalty kick in history).

Berlusconi’s Milanese Empire sets the record straight

AC Milan faced Liverpool twice in the final: in 2005 and 2007. In 2005, in Istanbul, after leading 3-0 at half-time, the Lombards were joined in the space of six minutes and lost. on penalties. The press and the fans cannot believe this historic defeat. Two years later, the two teams meet in the final in Athens. This time, the proteges of Berlusconi have learned the lesson, the revenge of Pirlo and Inzaghi does indeed take place. AC Milan buries a past of frustrations and nightmares, the Champions return to Lombardy. The protected of his eminence Berlusconi won 2-1, allowing AC Milan to lift their seventh Champions.

On the sidelines of the double confrontation that awaits its rivals Inter next February, Liverpool are still shivering at the four corners of the boot. The last direct confrontations between Inter and Liverpool prove the English right. In 2008, they won in the first leg in Milan (0-1) and at home (2-0). Would the menu at the start of 2022 reward us with new British conquests? made in Milan, this time in blue and black colors? Would Super Pippo Inzaghi have transmitted the necessary adrenaline to his brother Simone?

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