Farès Chaïbi, the Lyonnais from Toulouse

Farès Chaïbi (Toulouse) (Photo by Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP)

A native of Bron, Farès Chaïbi evolved at FC Lyon before joining the Toulouse training center. On Friday, he will return to the club which « made him vibrate in his youth ».

In Bron Terraillon, there is Karim Benzema and now Fares Chaibi. The latter is still far from the very probable Ballon d’Or 2022 but at 19, the striker made his professional debut during the summer. Not at theOL but on the side of Toulouse. Friday evening, Chaïbi will find Lyon with Téfécé, a first in his young career. But not having passed through the Lyon training center, this return does not necessarily have the same flavor as for a former member of the Academy.

« OL is a club that thrilled me when I was young. I always went to the stadium with my father, he confessed for his first press conference. I remain a young person who was trained in Toulouse and not at OL. Apart from the fact that my family comes from there and it’s a club that made me vibrate, it’s still a match like any other. »

FC Lyon before Toulouse

Nice surprise at the start of the Toulouse season (2 goals, 2 assists), Farès Chaïbi comes to Lyon « without complex. We are moving up from Ligue 2, we have nothing to lose, OL are still a big name in Ligue 1 but we are going there to try to play our game. » Passed by the FC Lyon with whom he participated in the historic course in the French U17 championship in 2019, Chaïbi crossed paths with certain Lyonnais during the derbies. « When I was young at FC Lyon, I played against Malo (Gusto), it’s the same generation, Rayan Cherki. I know them a little more than the others, apart from that the others, I watched them on TV. »

Playing sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, Farès Chaïbi should cross paths with Gusto again on Friday evening. With the desire to make proud « all his family who will be in the stands. »

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