Fan groups urge MLS, homeowners to find solution

MLS fan groups have expressed support for the players in the ongoing labor dispute with the league.

“There is no game without the players and no league without supporters, and we are firmly united in asking for a good faith solution quickly,” said Kings in the North, a group of Toronto FC supporters.

“The players are ready to play, the fans are ready to support them. It is time to find a solution. « 

“Let them play,” added the DC United Screaming Eagles fan group.

The league’s new season is slated to begin on April 3, and training camps are slated to open on February 22.

MLS referred to a « force majeure » clause last month to reopen negotiations on the collective agreement originally negotiated last February – and reopened in June when the players suffered a pay cut in order to resume the 2020 season interrupted by the pandemic.

By bringing up the clause, the league opened a 30-day negotiating window. MLS then extended that deadline until February 4, serving as a warning that it is ready to put its players in lockout if an agreement is not reached by then.

MLS commissioner Don Garber claimed the league lost nearly US $ 1 billion last season due to the pandemic, playing in mostly empty stadiums and with increased travel costs and COVID-19 testing. The league expects much the same this year.

“We believe that although the context is difficult, a lockout will not advance anything positive for the league, the players and the supporters, ”writes the 1642MTL fan group.

Another group of TFC supporters added, “RPB (Red Patch Boys) support the AJMLS and their desire to come back to the field this year. « 

“The ball is at your feet,” FC Cincinnati’s The Pride told MLS owners. You can choose to take it and go home, forcing a lockout that will put the season in jeopardy, or you can place him in midfield for the kickoff. « 

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