Facing OL, Reims wants to continue

Bruised by the 8 goals conceded during the first two days of Ligue 1 (1-4 in Marseille and 2-4 against Clermont), Reims was a little reassured in Strasbourg even if the victory was not at the end (1- 1). A frustrating draw given the level of play produced by the Marnais, whose offensive animation seduced with the nugget Kamory Doumbia (19 years old, 3 matches, 1 goal this season) as playmaker behind the pretty Ito-Balogun duo. “In the first period, the team produced a game very close to what I want to see. I loved « confirmed Oscar Garcia on Friday.

The performance of Wout Faes at La Meinau did not go unnoticed: despite his desire to leave and the refused offers from Torino, the Belgian defender was very involved. With Yunis Abdelhamid, Andreaw Gravillon and Emmanuel Agbadou (returning from suspension), the Spanish coach has players strong enough to have ambitions this season. And try to remain undefeated at home for the 6th time in a row against OL, which he faces on Sunday.

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