Facing Cleveland, JaVale McGee illustrates the “take fouls” problem | NBA

Whenever a flaw is discovered somewhere in the rules, professional athletes quickly seize it. This is what is happening with the “take fouls”.

So far, the NBA has only legislated on the faults of the last defender to cut the counterattacks, which are penalized by two free throws plus possession of the ball. The problem is, teams now know they can cut off counterattacks with a player who is not the last defender.

These « take fouls » or « Euro fouls » (because they were widely used in Europe before being gradually banned there) are increasing and JaVale McGee gave the best / worst example last night.

The Suns lead 102-97 with five minutes remaining. Cameron Payne enters and wants to get the ball out but his pass is intercepted and Cedi Osman has a good counterattack to negotiate. The Turk rises to shoot at 3-points and scores… except that the referees whistled beforehand. What happened ? In fact, JaVale McGee fouled Jarrett Allen very far from the action to stop play and thus cut off any quick play.

It’s a very smart move on the part of the pivot, to break Cleveland’s “momentum”, even if it’s clearly against the spirit of the game. Sitting on the bench, JaVale McGee laughs, while the Ohio public hoots him …

On Twitter, the pivot was annoyed by the extent of this fault on social networks, even if it is a safe bet that the NBA will quickly eliminate these « take fouls » by offering two throws plus possession to the teams who will suffer it in the future. But we will have to wait until next season for this to be corrected.

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