F1 Why is the Red Bull-Porsche union taking time to be announced?

Even if Audi came out of the woods on Friday of the Belgian Grand Prix, it would get stuck regarding the future association between Red Bull and Porsche by 2026.

As recently as last week, all signs pointed to a long-term collaboration between Red Bull and Porsche slated for 2026 that would see each party own an equal amount of shares in Red Bull Technology, the entity that operates the main energy drink company Formula 1 team.

At Spa, Audi publicly confirmed its entry into F1 from 2026 as a powertrain manufacturer, and it was thought that its other VW Group subsidiary, Porsche, would follow suit with its own announcement, possibly at Zandvoort.

But Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has said in Belgium no deal has yet been agreed with Porsche while insisting his new engine department, Red Bull Powertrains, is running at full throttle. with the development of its engine in-house for 2026.

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According to reports, Red Bull and Porsche are struggling to agree on key business issues such as future shareholders and voting rights.

Additionally, rumors have also emerged that Honda is considering extending its Formula 1 involvement and collaboration with Red Bull beyond 2025.

At Spa, Horner made it clear that Red Bull Powertrains is proceeding with its engine development as planned and independently of Red Bull’s negotiations with Porsche.

This would therefore mean that RBR would produce a next-generation engine for 2026 as part of Red Bull’s effort to bring engine and chassis integration under one roof.

The future V6 turbo hybrid will therefore be rebadged in the name of a funder, as was the case in the past with TAG Heuer, or Porsche as part of its joint venture with Red Bull, if such an association materializes.

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