F1 (Transfers): Bottas or Russel alongside Hamilton? The two pilots keep the blur before the Belgian GP

In addition to the continuation of the battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, it will be the other subject of the weekend, on the sidelines of the Belgian GP. Who will be the teammate of the seven-time world champion next season? Valtteri Bottas or George Russell? While an answer is expected shortly, the two pilots, invited to speak at a press conference on Thursday, have maintained the vagueness. « There is no news to share yet, said Valtteri Bottas. Who knows, maybe I know something, maybe not?« 
For his part, George Russell, who caused a sensation last year at the Bahrain GP to replace Lewis Hamilton and who now covets the place of the Finn, was hardly more talkative. “There is no news to share at this point. Of course, we have always been in discussions during the summer break. There is nothing to announce one way or the other this weekend, and probably not next weekend either. I don’t think that’s a problem. Better to get it right than fast« said the Williams driver.

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Only fourth in the drivers’ standings, Valtteri Bottas has distinguished himself this season by his inconstancy. « We always say we will watch in the next races. Valtteri is informed at every step. We’ll make a decision over the summer« Toto Wolff said about him at the beginning of July. Now the summer is almost over and the time has soon come for the Mercedes boss to choose.

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