F1: Towards an incredible revolution for Formula 1?

Formula 1

F1: Towards an incredible revolution for Formula 1?

Posted on September 13, 2022 at 9:35 p.m. by Jules Kutos-Bertin

While the arrival under safety car of the Monza Grand Prix is ​​still talking about her, Stefano Domenicali, the boss of Formula 1, intends to make some changes. The Italian leader is thinking of giving points during free practice sessions, a novelty that will only happen in the event of a good relationship with the FIA.

In recent days, the Formula 1 talked about, but not in a good way. During the Monza Grand Prixthe race ended under safety car following the incident concerning Daniel Ricciardo. A huge disappointment for all pilots, especially Charles Leclerc who hoped to fight with Max Verstappen for the final victory. At the end of this Grand Prix, the Monegasque stepped up to reconsider the decisions taken by the FIA.

Frustrated Charles Leclerc

 » It was frustrating, we shouldn’t finish a race like that. We were second at that time, it’s what happened before that put us second, but it’s a shame. I was hoping to be able to win in front of the tifosis today, but I couldn’t,” he said. “We finished second so I’m not super happy with the race, but we’ll work on that. I think our pace was pretty solid today, but it wasn’t enough. Thanks to everyone for the support, it was amazing to be here at Monza “, recognized Charles Leclerc, disappointed by the outcome of this race.

Expected changes?

Beyond this arrival under safety car which is debating, Stefano Domenicalithe boss of the Formula 1, already think about the continuation. After introducing sprint races, the Italian leader has a new idea: free practice sessions with points. For the moment, these sessions are only used to test the cars on the circuit, to settle the last details. Which could soon change…

Points in free practice, the new idea of ​​​​F1

 » In a normal weekend on Friday we have free practice sessions 1 and 2. Each session should either offer points, offer individual qualifying laps or offer qualification for a different, shorter race on Saturday, perhaps with the reverse grid mechanism. Instead of having a third free practice session “, assures Stefano Domenicali in comments relayed by motors inside. But to change the situation, the Italian is aware that the links with the FIA must be perfect: The relationship between F1 and the FIA ​​is the backbone of success. We have the obligation to maximize the commercial aspect, they are responsible for the sporting choices from the point of view of the regulations, which now also concern the financial controls. The new president took office in January, he is building his team. We talk to each other almost every day, the relationship must continue to move forward while respecting each other’s responsibilities. The most important thing is to stay united and have a common vision of F1 « .

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