F1: The Piastri clan settles accounts with Alpine

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F1: The Piastri clan settles accounts with Alpine

Posted on September 21, 2022 at 06:35 by Thibault Morlain

Today, Alpine is still looking for who will be Esteban Ocon’s teammate in 2023 to replace Fernando Alonso. A tub that should have gone to Oscar Piastri. The French team had also announced the arrival of the Australian. But at the end of an incredible imbroglio, it is at McLaren that Piastri will drive next season. Since then, the controversy has only swelled and the 21-year-old pilot’s agent wanted to put things right.

In Formula 1, things have already started to move for the 2023 season. Indeed, it all started with the announcement of the retirement of Sebastian Vettel. Then followed the departure of Fernando Alonso ofAlpinewho will thus recover the vacant seat at Aston Martin. The question is then to know who will be the teammate ofEsteban Ocon. The French team thought then to hold the answer with the Australian crack, Oscar Piastri. But Alpine can now have big regrets, the 21-year-old driver signed up with McLaren. A huge soap opera which caused a lot of talk in Formula 1 and which still continues to make people react.

« They knew it, it’s crystal clear »

Thus, in statements reported by Motorsportit is Mark Webbermanager ofOscar Piastri, who spoke. The former Formula 1 driver then settled his accounts with Alpineresponding to the accusations of the French team, that it had not been made aware of the negotiations with McLaren : “ Something had been brewing for a while. But they knew it, it’s crystal clear. They knew it. He worked hard for this team, he put in long hours. He tried to contribute to Alpine as much as possible in terms of performance, he went out of his way to help in the simulator « .

“It is important to contextualize the situation”

And whileAlpine explains having invested enormously financially to grow Oscar Piastri, Mark Webber told :  » The figures mentioned are completely disproportionate. The summer break has left people talking millions, millions and millions. This is certainly not the case. In promotional formulas, Oscar earned bonuses for winning these championships, independent of Alpine’s investment. Thus, 80% of the budget for his junior career and the academy was provided by outside sponsors and by Oscar’s family. It is important to contextualize the situation « .

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