F1: The huge outing of the Verstappen clan on the future of Charles Leclerc

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F1: The huge outing of the Verstappen clan on the future of Charles Leclerc

Published on October 18, 2022 at 06:35

Crowned at Suzuka on October 9, Max Verstappen has had to face competition from Charles Leclerc for a long time this season. But in the end, the Monegasque let go in the title race after a few mistakes and some breakdowns with his Ferrari. However, Max Verstappen’s manager sees a future world champion in Charles Leclerc.

For a good part of the season, the title of world champion was disputed between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. However, the Monegasque made some mistakes and suffered some breakdowns with his Ferrari which allowed the Dutchman to take off. Finally, the pilot Red Bull was crowned champion for the second time in his career after winning the Japanese Grand Prix on October 9th. However, Raymond Vermeulen sees great potential in Charles Leclerc.

« Charles is certainly also a future Formula 1 world champion »

Guest in the podcast F1 Nationthe manager of Max Verstappen claimed that Charles Leclerc had the talent to be crowned world champion one day:  » A lot of the mistakes made by the two Ferrari drivers are down to the fact that they seem to have quite a loose rear, it’s a bit unpredictable. And then, obviously, if you’re already a bit behind, you push a bit more, and you’re riding closer to the limit, so obviously it’s easy to make a mistake. It’s easy to point fingers at them, but I think if he has the right package, Charles is definitely a future Formula 1 world champion too. He just needs the right car to do it . »

Leclerc didn’t have the right car to compete with Verstappen

Raymond Vermeulen believes that he could have had a chance this year if he had had a more reliable car given his performance in qualifying:  » I think Charles is just as talented. Some of his pole positions this year were just amazing. I also think he has racing sense, but if you have more tire degradation during the race there is not much you can do as a driver. You can be like Sergio Pérez who is one of the best at saving rear tyres, but I think they are all pretty good in that sense. Ultimately, you need a car that performs well for an hour and a half, and Charles didn’t have that for most races. » Something to re-motivate Charles Leclerc for next season? To be continued…

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