F1: The FIA ​​takes a radical decision, Mercedes prepares a revolution

Formula 1

F1: The FIA ​​takes a radical decision, Mercedes prepares a revolution

Published on October 15, 2022 at 8:40 p.m. – updated on October 15, 2022 at 11:11 p.m.

Next season is likely to be difficult for the paddock. Indeed, the FIA ​​has decided to adopt a new calendar made up of 24 Grand Prix! An unprecedented situation that will put the health of all the protagonists of F1 to the test. For its part, Mercedes has prepared its coup and is considering staff rotation.

The Formula 1 was a resounding success and beat all its audience records. Revenues are increasingly insane, to such an extent that the FIA swears by it and is still hungry for money. Indeed, the cards have been completely reshuffled for the Grand Prize which will make up the 2022 calendar. French Grand Prix did not offer enough, so it fell by the wayside but we find for example 4 Grand Prize in the United States for a single season. Moreover, this calendar has grown and now leaves room for 24 races in the year. A Dantesque schedule for which the team has prepared mercedes by Lewis Hamilton in particular. His boss, Toto Wolffannounces major changes internally.

« I’m going to start missing races »

Toto Wolff is beginning to worry about this stifling schedule and has already planned to step back on a few Grand Prize next season. In comments reported by Auto-Journalhe explains : «  I’m going to start missing races. The whole team has to look into the matter because it is not bearable to attend 24 Grands Prix in the space of nine months. Only the drivers will have this obligation, but we are also in the office on Mondays and for the whole week, underlines the Austrian manager. We need to find solutions to overcome this workload, probably by rotating staff. »

“An assistant could take on some of my tasks”

In fact, the Austrian manager puts forward the hypothesis of being replaced by his deputy, without doing anything during the race weekends.  » An assistant could perform some of my tasks. Not being present in the field does not mean being totally absent: I can follow the weekend from the factory in Brackley and attend all the technical briefings remotely. This also applies to other employees. “confided the boss of mercedes.

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