F1 should dare an independent check on the calendar

Formula 1 and the FIA ​​are highlighting the issue of sustainable development and taking the environment into account by promoting the objective of carbon neutrality by 2030 in particular. the discipline’s 2023 calendar was revealed last week.

F1 had assured that it wanted in the future to group the events more rationally according to the regions of the world in which the Grands Prix were organized. However, the program for next season, which will have 24 destinations, varies very little compared to that of 2022 and certain sequences of races have questioned.

For Sebastian Vettel, who has clearly displayed his environmental concerns for several years, the championship must now really act and no longer be content with speeches. And to do so in the most transparent way possible, he says he must submit to independent monitoring in terms of sustainable development.

« I think big organizations, whether it’s business or sporting events, probably have to dare to take the step of finding an organization to control them »Vettel said ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. « And if they don’t respect the limits that they have set, then [ils] will have to face the consequences. »

« I think otherwise you can write it all down on a poster and a piece of paper, and it might sound great, but if nothing happens, then what? Nations decide to sign an agreement to limit global warming [de la planète] at 1.5°C, but if we don’t, what will be the consequences? There are systems in place, but nations can still opt out whenever they want, in a way. »

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin

« So I think a real transparent method [pour la F1] would be to find a body to monitor them, an external, independent body to monitor them on whether they are achieving their objectives or not. I think that’s the only credible way to do it. »

While Vettel will not compete next season, as he has announced his retirement, he has questioned some scheduling decisions, particularly at the start of the campaign, with the scheduling of winter testing in Bahrain, the first race at the weekend -end at Sakhir and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix just two weeks later.

« There is more interest in F1: there is a greater chance of making money and all of that is legitimate and valid. But obviously if you look at the first three races the easy wins would be to save on travel and flights. »

« Everyone will go there [au Moyen-Orient] and will be back three weeks in a row, which is legit because everyone has a family and a life no matter where they are. We cannot ask people to leave for eight weeks at the start of the season, for example. But if you ask me how to solve [le problème]I think that [l’idée de l’organe indépendant] will probably be the most serious way, or one of the most serious. »

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