F1: Sainz is living a nightmare, he sends a message to Ferrari

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F1: Sainz is living a nightmare, he sends a message to Ferrari

Published on November 5, 2022 at 4:35 p.m.

After a great start to the season, Ferrari made many mistakes, notably costing Charles Leclerc the title. His teammate, Carlos Sainz, can’t do it either at the end of the season and wants to turn the page on a year 2022 that has turned sour. He is counting on his team to catch up next year.

Although he won the first Grand Prize of his career this season, carlos sainz wants to move on and forget this 2022 exercise. The Spaniard has had many troubles, the latest in Austin, where he started on pole before being hit and giving up on the first lap. For 2023, he puts pressure on Ferrari to compete Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

“This season has been a nightmare”

In comments relayed by Motorsport, carlos sainz looked back on his year in Formula 1: “ Now that I am at this level, our car is not necessarily so good. This season has been a nightmare, to be honest, because of all that: all the retirements, I was slow when the car was fast, and now I’m fast but we’re not as fast as before. Nothing is right! The season went badly, but the positive side is that I keep my spirits up even in a horrible season, a season that couldn’t be more difficult. With my engineers, I continue to fight, to seek lap times in this car. I think it could have been very easy to give up and let this year go down the drain, but I think the pole in Austin and the quickness here [à Mexico] bodes well for us. »

« I’m confident the team will build another great car »

For 2023, carlos sainz puts pressure on Ferrari and expects a high-performance car capable of competing with the best. «  We will have another chance: new year, new car, new rules with the floor. I am convinced that the team will build another excellent car, like the one we have this year, and that we will learn from our mistakes. I will learn from the mistakes I made this year, and we will be more in the fight and ready to fight. Can’t wait for Mercedes too, looks like they’ll join us up front he warned.

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