F1: Russell’s incredible confession on his first season with Mercedes

Arrived in 2022 at Mercedes to replace Valtteri Bottas, George Russell had a mixed first season with the German team. Despite his good results on a personal level, the performance of the whole team has not been good. The British driver also looked back on his first year with Mercedes and took the opportunity to announce his highlights of the season.

For his first season with mercedesGeorge Russell managed to finish in fourth place in the drivers’ standings, ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton who finished sixth. As the Briton prepares for his second year with the German team, he wanted to look back on his important moments of his year 2022.

“This first year with Mercedes has been great in many ways”

In comments relayed by MotorSport, george russell looked back on his freshman year with mercedes. Despite a very complicated start to the season, the German team was able to recover. “This first year with Mercedes has been great in many ways. Working with a huge group of people who are incredibly talented at what they do really pushed me to try to be better at what I do. That goes for both the driver’s seat and the journey we’ve been on as a team. With the struggles at the start of the year, the car not being on the pace and then pulling out of it towards the end of the season, it was really exciting to see this progress, especially on the approach of 2023.”

“My highlight on the track was undoubtedly Brazil”

george russell notably looked back on his highlights of the season. The British pilot also returned to the one in Formula 1. He does not hide that the Brazilian Grand Prixwhich he won, is his highlight of 2022. “My highlight on the track was definitely Brazil. Obviously, it was a very special moment for me to win my first Grand Prix. What was even more special was seeing how the whole team reacted to this win and how much it meant to everyone at Brackley and Brixworth. It was a really special moment for me. »

“Getting away from this fast lifestyle was really good”

george russell spoke in particular of his highlight of the season off the slopes. “My highlight of the year off the track was a short trip to Scotland with all my family after Monaco. Getting away from this fast lifestyle that we have and all the traveling, being in the country, taking long walks, hanging out with everyone, that was really, really good. »

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