F1: Revolution recorded at Ferrari, Red Bull releases a strong response

A few days ago, Ferrari formalized the departure of Mattia Binotto. Second in the constructor’s championship and in the drivers’ classification, the Italian team therefore saw its director leave his post. A major change commented on by Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull.

The 2022 season is over and Ferrari tried to fight with it Red Bull, who ended up winning this championship quite easily. After this defeat, the Scuderia formalized the departure of Mattia Binotto. The director of Red Bull, Christian Hornerreturned to the various events that revolve around the Italian team.

“He devoted a long period of his career and his life to Ferrari”

In comments relayed by MotorSport, Christian Horner returned to the departure of Mattia Binotto. He specifies in particular that the Swiss director has given a lot for the Italian team. “I think, in fairness to Mattia, he has done a very good job of clearly producing a very competitive car and engine for Ferrari this year. Obviously, they had operational problems. He dedicated a long period of his career and his life to Ferrari, and I’m sure it must be very difficult for him to leave this team after all this time. Of course, the pressure is enormous in this team, because it is a ‘national’ team, as well as a manufacturer’s team. And I believe it will now be the sixth director [de Ferrari] that I will face since I have been at Red Bull and, obviously, you know, [il y a] a lot of pressure in this job. »

“But we had to stay in touch”

Christian Horner also returned to the duel between his team and Ferrari.  » I think they [Ferrari] had a faster car than us at the start of the season. But we were able to stay in touch and that was very, very important. Our championship had 21 races, because we missed the first one by suffering a double retirement. But we had to stay in touch. »

« Win these two races to do the double and beat Ferrari at home »

Christian Horner continues: “And, for me, one of the crucial weekends was Imola with the sprint race and then the victory. Winning those two races to do the double and beat Ferrari at home was, I think, psychologically very important for us as a team, and potentially for them as well. I think then, as we developed the car, improved it and lost some weight, the speed came. »

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