F1: Pourchaire wants to believe it

Théo Pourchaire is having a good season in F2. He is currently 2nd with a fairly good lead over his pursuer, despite a failed meeting at Zandvoort. He is still aiming for the title this year even if it seems complicated.

A few races from the end, the future of the French driver is however in abeyance. He is waiting for an opportunity to be able to race in F1 next year and join the two other Frenchmen already in activity.

But the situation seems delicate for the young driver. No team seems to move for him. Access to Formula 1 for Formula 2 drivers seems complicated this year. They will surely have to settle for a reserve place before being able to claim a place in the coming seasons.

The driver pairs are almost done for next year. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes will keep their team. But with the departure of Alonso at Aston Martin and the arrival of Piastri at McLaren everything turned upside down. There are therefore still a few places to fill in the paddock.

Pourchaire wants to believe it and will give everything to get there after two seasons in F2.

“I give the best possible, there are plenty of hazards that can come into play. We’ll see. But we are not that far off, even if the competition is fierce. For my part, I’m not at the top in qualifying, but I know that in the race I’m a little better than my competitors. I think it is doable. »

“There are a lot of aspects for F1, it’s different compared to football or basketball. You have to be very efficient, no matter what. The 20 drivers who are in F1 are very good drivers. Sometimes there is also the financial aspect, that’s how it is. »

We will know more about the future of Théo Pourchaire at the end of the Formula 1 and Formula 2 season, hoping for him a place on the grid.

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