F1: McLaren announces Ricciardo’s future

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F1: McLaren announces Ricciardo’s future

Posted on September 28, 2022 at 06:35 by Thibault Morlain

McLaren having decided to trust Oscar Piastri, it was Daniel Ricciardo who paid the price. Indeed, the Australian will have to pack his bags at the end of the Formula 1 season. The question now is where he will drive in 2023. And for the moment, the vagueness is total concerning the future of Ricciardo. On the side of McLaren, however, we want to be optimistic…

In 2023, the Formula 1 starting grid will see some changes compared to this year. It will particularly move towards home McLaren. Whether Lando Norris will always be there, however it will not be. Daniel Ricciardo. Indeed, the Australian will leave to make way for his compatriot, Oscar Piastri. But where will Ricciardo then bounce? This is one of the questions that arises in the paddock and it made the boss of McLaren, Andreas Seidl.

A return to the top away from McLaren?

In comments reported by NextGen Auto, Andreas Seidl in particular said that he was convinced that Daniel Ricciardo will find a great level within another stable:  » I’m absolutely convinced it’s possible because I’ve seen it myself in the past. I have experienced it with other pilots and we have seen this in the past with other pilots. There may be a click that restarts everything « .

 » There are few places and it is certain that the two seasons of Daniel with us do not cause particular enthusiasm. But to defend it, we must remember that Formula 1 is complex. There are so many things to bring together to be successful on the track, on the driver’s side, on the team’s side, on the car’s side. And in the end, we are only talking about 2 tenths on a lap, a wink “, added the boss of McLaren.

McLaren’s failure

Waiting, Daniel Ricciardo will never have really succeeded at the wheel of his McLaren. Trusting in this failure, Seidl then explained: At the end of the day, we have to accept on both sides that despite all the efforts we have made, the commitment, despite everything we have tried on our side, despite everything he has tried on his side, we do not failed to do together. And ultimately, it’s a shared responsibility between Daniel and us. As I have already said, I take full responsibility in this area as well. But that doesn’t change the respect I have and all of us have for Daniel as a person, but also as a racing driver. And sometimes you have to accept that it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, it happened between us and Daniel. I hope for his next adventure he will have that click that I was talking about and that it will work « .

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