F1: Lewis Hamilton’s confession on his disastrous year

Formula 1

F1: Lewis Hamilton’s confession on his disastrous year

Posted on September 9, 2022 at 8:35 a.m. by Thibault Morlain

During the 2021 season, Lewis Hamilton had a terrible disappointment when he lost to Max Verstappen for the Formula 1 world championship title. While the Briton had to digest this, he came back in 2022 to win an 8th crown. Problem, his Mercedes is not at the level to fight for the first place of a Grand Prix. Result, Hamilton has still not won this year. Not enough, however, to panic the main interested party.

Seven times world champion, Lewis Hamilton therefore seeks to win an 8th title in order to no longer be tied with Michael Schumacher. While the Brit could have done it in 2021, Max Verstappen deprived the pilot mercedes of the title. The goal for hamilton was then to win it in 2022. However, with the changes of regulations in Formula 1, the team led by Toto Wolff is somewhat relegated to the background now. In effect, Lewis Hamilton and george russell fail to follow the Red Bull as well as Ferrari driving their mercedes. Therefore, for the British champion, it is impossible for him to fight to try to win a Grand Prix. Moreover, during this 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton has 0 wins on the clock, which is unusual for the driver he is and all he has shown in recent years.

« It doesn’t matter to me »

The 2022 season is therefore more complicated than ever for Lewis Hamilton. However, the Briton does not seem more distraught than that of not having won a Grand Prix this year. Indeed, in statements reported by NextGen Auto, hamilton was very clear about his performances, confident: “ Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, so I’m grateful that every year since 2007 we’ve had the opportunity to win. I think I’m lucky to get there this year too, we still have seven races to go, and it’s still a very big goal for us as a team to get back to the front and fight for the race leader « .

« Of course I’m trying to get this victory this year »

 » I haven’t really thought about where we could win, I have no idea where our car will be the best track. I’m not focused on the record, but of course I’m trying to get this victory this year. But the record isn’t that important to me because I don’t really care about records in general « , added Lewis Hamilton.

« We don’t know how the car will be this weekend »

And if Lewis Hamilton won his first victory in the Monza Grand Prix ? Regarding the future race, the driver mercedes has explained :  » We don’t know how the car will be this weekend, if it will perform as well as in the last race, we will see. It can’t be worse than Spa, I don’t think! No, I think it will be much better here « . Moreover, for Lewis Hamilton, the task will be complicated in Italy. Indeed, having changed parts to his engine, the Briton was sanctioned and regardless of his time in qualifying, he will have to start from the back of the grid during the Grand Prix.

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