F1: Incredible, Red Bull rejects Verstappen


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F1: Incredible, Red Bull rejects Verstappen

Published on June 25, 2023 at 12:20 p.m.

Max Verstappen must be bored in Formula 1. The reigning double world champion and current leader of this 2023 season wanted to participate in the Formula Nürburgring organized by Red Bull. Despite everything, Helmut Marko strongly opposed this project.

On a walk in Formula 1, Max Verstappen wants to discover new disciplines. In addition to his desire to participate in 24 hours of Le Mansthe Dutchman also wanted to confront Sebastian Vettel And Daniel Ricciardo on the Nordschleife of Nuerburgring in September. Red Bull refused to allow its star driver to participate, as he himself revealed last week.

“He vetoed from the start of the discussion”

 » I would have liked to do it but Helmut does not want me to do it. He knows very well that I would have pushed the limits. He therefore put his veto from the start of the discussion. We also use demo tires that are specific to this stuff and if I really wanted to push I would have needed real race tires. But this is not allowed by the rules. I didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. When I heard about the event, Helmut was sitting at the table. He immediately told me that I shouldn’t participate. There are risks everywhere. Maybe it will be later « , said Max Verstappen in comments relayed by Sector F1. Helmut Marko explains that he made this decision following the recent behavior of his driver and the risks that such a race represents.

“He is paying a little the price for his stubbornness”

 » We all know Max. First he would search his corner to find out what the track record was and then he would try to break it, ignoring our instructions. He already doesn’t do it sometimes in the race for the fastest lap. And he wouldn’t just try to break the record by just one second! So I told him no. He pays a little the price for his stubbornness, too bad for fun. These F1s are simply not designed to chase records on this kind of track. It’s too dangerous “, released the Austrian.


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