F1: Hamilton wants to bring down Verstappen, the big announcement


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F1: Hamilton wants to bring down Verstappen, the big announcement

Published on June 14, 2023 at 00:35

Arriving in F1 in 2007, Lewis Hamilton is now one of the best drivers in history. The Briton won seven world titles in his career and equaled Michael Schumacher’s record. However, the 38-year-old driver is still hungry for victories and hopes to claim an eighth crown by beating Max Verstappen in the years to come.

From the height of his 38 years, Lewis Hamilton has extensive experience in F1. The Briton was crowned world champion seven times during his career, tied with the legendary Michael Schumacher. However, everything has not been all rosy in the career of Lewis Hamilton. Before finding glory with the German team, he had some difficulties with McLaren. And since 2022, nothing is going well either for him at home mercedes. But despite everything, the 38-year-old driver says he is satisfied with his career.

“I was not even sure of arriving in F1”

 » Through the ups and downs, I think it’s been a pretty amazing ride. In 2006, I never thought I would be world champion several times. I was not even sure of arriving in F1. Every second and every decision I made on the track, in my mind, was the deciding factor as to whether I would get the opportunity and if the door would be open for me to step into the big leagues. It’s the one thing I focused on every day when I was running, every mile I did, thinking about crossing the line and how I could convince Ron Dennis to give me a chance  » has explained Lewis Hamilton in comments reported by NextGen-Auto.

“I still feel so incredibly hungry for victory”

 » I thought if I won the championship they would have no choice but to give me a chance. It’s pretty crazy. Arriving here, in F1, it’s a bit the same thing. I really have to show what I can do and prove myself every weekend. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I still feel very close to this kid. I don’t know how, but I still feel incredibly hungry for a win and willing to sacrifice almost anything to get where I need to be, and that hasn’t changed. “continued the pilot of mercedes. Lewis Hamilton intends to try to get his eighth crown in the years to come. Max Verstappen is warned.


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