F1: Ferrari can’t do it, the culprit is named


Formula 1

F1: Ferrari can’t do it, the culprit is named

Published on July 14, 2023 at 8:20 p.m.

Ferrari is having a very tricky start to the season. Several tensions appear at all levels and Frédéric Vasseur is already under pressure. Several F1 figures have spoken out about the situation at La Scuderia, such as Damon Hill. The latter points to the lack of authority of the French.

Only 4th in the constructors’ ranking, Ferrari is behind this season. Charles Leclerc And carlos sainz can’t win Red Bull unlike last year and yet, the arrival of Frederic Vasseur had to change everything. Unfortunately for him, the successor of Mattia Binotto missed his debut and he is strongly criticized. Damon Hill notes a flagrant lack of authority which could perhaps explain the poor results of Ferrari.

“It just seems that the lack of authority from the boss is the discomfort they suffer from”

 » Ferrari needs to have a good, tough look at themselves, or someone else. It just seems that the boss’s lack of authority is the constant discomfort they suffer from. It’s like you’re not sure who’s really in charge there. It’s such a powerful force in sport that it needs the steady hand of someone like a Ross Brawn or a Jean Todt to get everyone moving in the same direction. Public criticism of pilots does not give a good image of management, especially since Vasseur then makes his pilots understand why they made such and such a choice. This seems more justified than in 2022. These criticisms must therefore stop so as not to fuel the media lightning for nothing, especially in Italy “said the 62-year-old Briton in remarks relayed by Nextgen-Auto. He also spoke about the future of Charles Leclerc.

“He wants to stay at Ferrari”

 » What are his options? There are not any. That’s good, he wants to stay at Ferrari, so he has to show solidarity. I suppose he could consider Aston Martin in the medium term but as long as Fernando has a contract with them, the situation will be blocked in all the top teams. Same thing at Mercedes as long as Hamilton wants to continue « , added Damon Hill. The message got through.


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