F1: Fernando Alonso’s update on his future

At 41, Fernando Alonso has still not hung up. In 2023, he will still be on the starting grid for the Formula 1 season, this time driving an Aston Martin. The Spaniard has left Alpine to take on a new challenge. But as the end slowly but surely approaches for Alonso, the latter has taken stock of his future.

Double world champion, Fernando Alonso is one of the great names in the history of Formula 1. And the Spaniard continues to write his legend over and over again. Indeed, at 41, he still does not intend to stop. After two seasons at Alpine, Alonso decided to take on a new challenge. Following the retirement of Sebastian Vettelhe engaged with Aston Martinsigning «  multi-season contract “as the team had specified when announcing the arrival of Fernando Alonso.

« I’m afraid of the future »

While Fernando Alonso will therefore be at Aston Martin in 2023, however, the Spaniard’s future is very unclear given his age. At 41, the end is inexorably approaching and that scares him. Indeed, in statements reported by AS, Alonso confided in his future, explaining first of all: “ I’m afraid of the aftermath. I don’t have a plan B. I’ve been a pilot all my life, it’s what I do best because I haven’t learned anything else. My life has always been dedicated to the automobile. And the best thing about this sport is driving. As long as I feel I can still give my best, I will continue in Formula 1 for two or three years. « .

“Winning the Dakar will always remain a challenge”

What about after Formula 1 for Fernando Alonso ? The main interested party mentioned this scenario. The pilot Aston Martin then explained: If one day I have to stop Formula 1, I will do other races. Winning the Dakar will always remain a challenge. No one has done it that way before. But staying home scares me « . And always concerning his future, Alonso also mentioned the possibility of a career continuation, but not as a pilot.  » What if it doesn’t work as a driver? Maybe a role outside of the car. If after we become world champion, I would also be satisfied “, he then explained.

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