F1: Facing Schumacher, Hamilton is clearly threatened

Formula 1

Despite regaining form at Silverstone, Mercedes still appear to be behind Red Bull and Ferrari and there is no guarantee that the gap will be closed by the end of the season. A problem for Lewis Hamilton who is aiming for many records that could escape him. And some permanently. To analyse.

After eight seasons of dominance, mercedes did not pass the turning point of the new regulations introduced this season in Formula 1. Despite a radical choice in the design of his car, it does not work. Ferrari and Red Bull have obviously worked better since the two teams largely dominate the current season. At Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton however, was able to take advantage of a renewed form in his single-seater to sign a new podium in his career, which also allowed him to break another record. Indeed, it is the thirteenth time that the Briton has been on the podium of the same Grand Prix. It beats like this Michael Schumacher author of twelve podiums in Imola, Barcelona and Montreal during his career. However, given the pace of his mercedesLewis Hamilton could see some records escape him.

Records Hamilton could permanently lose

The first record in great danger for Lewis Hamilton is the number of consecutive seasons with at least one victory. Since his arrival in F1 in 2007, the Briton has never had a year without finding himself on the top step of the podium. It has therefore been 15 seasons in a row that he has won at least once. A record he shares with Michael Schumacher whose streak spanned from 1992 and 2006. Therefore, everyone expected Lewis Hamilton to become the sole holder of this record in 2022 with a sixteenth consecutive season in which he won at least one victory. Except no one expected mercedes fails on the creation of his single-seater and finds himself outdistanced by Red Bull and Ferrari. As mid-season approaches, Lewis Hamilton still has not prevailed. He was not far from victory at Silverstone, which seems to bode well for the future. Hopefully, otherwise the counters will be reset, and the seven-time world champion will never be able to beat this impressive record.

Records that will have to wait

Other records seemed promised to Lewis Hamilton this season. But its mercedes may well force him to postpone the deadline. The first of them is obviously the number of world titles. With seven coronations, the Briton is in the Pantheon of Formula 1 alongside Michael Schumacher. Last season, Lewis Hamilton came within one lap of becoming the only driver with eight world titles. And it’s probably not this year that he will succeed given his delay on Max Verstappen. Another record that should wait for Lewis Hamiltonthat of the number of victories in a single Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher won eight times at Magny-Cours like the Briton at Silverstone and the Hungaroring. He has therefore not won his national GP for the ninth time, but can still dream of doing so in Hungary, the race for which will take place on July 31. However, Lewis Hamilton will not be the favorite and therefore risks having to wait another season. Just like for the number of fastest laps in the race. Michael Schumacher has 77 to his credit against 60 for the Briton whose single-seater does not allow him to be the fastest on the track at the moment.

Records secured by Lewis Hamilton

However, Lewis Hamilton can rest easy, some of his records are out of reach at the moment. With 103 victories in F1, the Briton has room before seeing a driver threaten him. Among the active pilots, Sebastian Vettel (53 wins) and Fernando Alonso (32 wins) are the closest but will not catch up with the Briton who may still be worried about the hellish pace of Max Verstappen who has already won 26 times. But the pilot mercedes still has a nice margin. With 103 pole positions, Lewis Hamilton is even more serene in this area. And for good reason, the precocious Dutchman does not really excel in qualifying and with 15 poles, he will probably never threaten the seven-time world champion who has his most solid record there. By winning his 185th podium at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton has further improved a record he has held for a long time. However, while he has to settle for crumbs this season, Max Verstappen has a string of top 3 finishes in the race and already has 67 podiums to his name, which should allow him to get closer by the end of the season. But Lewis Hamilton still has room.

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