F1 Enzo Ferrari soon to be on screen at the cinema

Comedian Adam Driver is expected to play the role of Enzo Ferrari in a biopic directed by Michael Mann on the fate of the Commendatore.

Known for his roles in the saga Star Warsin Marriage Story or more recently House of Guccithe American actor Adam Driver was finally chosen to play Enzo Ferrari in the film dedicated to the life of the founder of the most famous car brand in the world.

In this biopic directed by Michael Mann, he would be accompanied by Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley in the respective roles of the wife and the mistress of the Commendatore.

Driver the aptly named has therefore landed a role originally assigned to Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in X-Men), while Christian Bale, who brilliantly played Ken Miles in the film Le Mans 66 (Ford vs Ferrari), had also been approached for this role.

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