F1 – Dutch GP: After the incredible fiasco, Ferrari sends a terrible message

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After the incredible fiasco, Ferrari sends a terrible message

Posted on September 5, 2022 at 10:35 a.m. by Dan Marciano

Far from being flawless during the first part of the season, Ferrari once again messed up during the Dutch Grand Prix. Then in third position, Carlos Sainz Jr fell several positions due to an organizational problem. After this race, Mattia Binotto commented on this race fact, but also on the quality of the single-seater.

Ferrari shot himself again in the foot on Sunday. Far from being flawless at the start of the season, the Scuderia made a new mistake, not with Charles Leclerc, but with Carlos Sainz Jr. Then in third position, the Spaniard had decided to return to the pits to change his tires. But badly organized, the formation forgot one of the spare tires. Immediate consequence: Carlos Sainz Jr. fell back to eleventh place after a stoppage that lasted 12 seconds. Finally eighth in this Grand Prix of the Netherlands, the pilot left precious points on the way. To make matters worse, he received a five-second penalty due to a unsafe release. The latter went from a dangerous exit from the pit lane, failing to hit Fernando Alonso.  » We can call it a late call to the pits… And we made a mistake, because we clearly had to wait. […] For me, it was not a dangerous pit exit. We will see what the FIA ​​says. We lost a lot of time in the pits, on pit stops, and I had to fight with cars that I don’t usually fight with. » said Carlos Sainz Jr.

Ferrari justifies the catastrophic stoppage of Sainz Jr

Responsible for Ferrari, Mattia Binotto was questioned by Sky Sports on this new quack.  » There was a late decision to bring him in and when he stopped the left rear tire was not ready. Carlos lost about nine seconds and therefore several positions. He joined the track in eleventh position, after which he climbed well up to sixth place justified the Italian-Swiss manager after this Grand Prix.

A penalty for Carlos Sainz Jr.

The manager also reconsidered the penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz Jr.  » During the safety car period, after Bottas stopped, Carlos again pitted for the ‘soft’ tyres, planning to push all the way. As he drove off, he had to slow down to avoid members of the McLaren pit crew ahead of him. The F1-75 was moving slowly, and when Fernando Alonso got behind Carlos he had to slow down to avoid hitting the Ferrari. This incident was severely considered a dangerous release and Carlos was therefore given a five-second penalty.  » dropped Binotto.

« The speed of the car was not great »

But for him, the quality of the single-seater is also to be underlined, despite the third place in Charles Leclerc this Sunday.  » The key is that we weren’t fast enough. Looking at the pace in qualifying, we were hoping for a better result. But the speed of the car wasn’t great, especially in ‘medium’ and ‘hard’. That’s three bad races in a row, in Hungary, Belgium and here. I think we are not exploiting the full potential of the car. The potential is there. It was the case at the start of the season, but not anymore. There is something wrong that we need to fix. It has nothing to do with the technical directive. In Hungary, I said we weren’t good enough. Maybe we need to look at the package we introduced that is not balanced today” said Binotto. Far from reassuring a few days before Monza Grand Prix.

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