F1 books to read by the pool this summer


The F1 summer break is an opportunity to relax by discovering the books dedicated to Formula 1. Here are some ideas and reading tips to occupy your afternoons by the pool…

Max Verstappen, the coronation of a champion by Daniel Ortelli and Thomas Wolloch published by City

We finally know little about Max Verstappen, the reigning F1 world champion. This biography reveals the true story of this sportsman born in Belgium, in the bath of motorsport of a pilot father who raised him “the hard way” and made him start karting at only… 4 years old! We discover a competitor inhabited by the rage to win. It is also the portrait of a man with a fiery character who does not hesitate to say what he thinks, at the risk of causing a scandal.

F1 - F1 books to read by the pool this summer

Gasly, the magnificent by Frédéric Veille, Editions City

Through a book that we devour, Frédéric Veille gives the floor to the family and loved ones of the Norman driver to tell us about his historic victory on the Monza track in 2020. [sa première en F1]. Emotions develop over the pages, the tension increases as the hour of victory approaches.

The journalist takes the opportunity to unfold the thread of the Frenchman’s young career and to tell us the anecdotes that have marked his career. His parents, his brothers, his friends testify and thus make us relive this day of September 6, 2020 but also the childhood, the key moments, the disappointments and the happiness of a determined and ambitious young man.


Fernando Alonso, From Asturias to Alpine, by Loïc Chevenas-Paule published by Talent Sport

Released in May 2022, this book traces the career of the man who is recognized by his peers as one of the best Formula 1 drivers. Illustrated with articles and photos, it will allow readers to discover or rediscover the incredible career of the driver. Spanish and his longevity at the highest level which allowed him to face both Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

Fernando Alonso: From Asturias to Alpine (Other Sports) Kindle Edition

Lewis Hamilton, the road to the champion by Daniel Ortelli at City Editions.

Daniel Ortelli, former F1 reporter for AFP, offers us a captivating biography of the « Black Prince » of F1, seven-time world champion. The journalist and author of several books on Formula 1 twirls this time from one page to another between the chronology of the career of Lewis Hamilton, his entourage, his values, his passions such as fashion and music.

F1- "Lewis Hamilton, the road to the champion" by Daniel Ortelli

Niki Laudaby Maurice Hamilton, Editions Talent Sport.

F1 journalist for forty years, Maurice Hamilton delivers the biography of the incredible driver that was Niki Lauda. The personality of the Austrian and the different stages of his rich career have helped define modern Formula 1. We rediscover of course the bravery he showed following his terrible accident on the Nurburging circuit in 1976, to defend his title. We also understand the influence that the triple world champion had, at the end of his racing career, in the various management roles he was able to hold in the teams where he officiated.

F1 - F1 books to read by the fire...

Lewis Hamilton, The biography of the greatest F1 winners of all time at Editions Talent Sport.

This is the translation of the biography of Lewis Hamilton written by the British journalist Franck Worrall. The latter retraces the driver’s incredible career, from his sensational debut at McLaren to his domination with Mercedes. It recounts this extraordinary destiny and describes the obstacles, successes, records and rivalries.

F1 - F1 books to read by the fire...

Circuit Paul Ricard, The lords of F1 by Daniel Ortelli, Giletta editions

Daniel Ortelli tells through a very beautiful book the story of a legendary circuit imagined and built more than fifty years ago by Paul Ricard. More than 250 magnificent photos illustrate the book, from the beginnings to the return of F1 in 2018.

F1 - F1 books to read by the pool this summer

From Jim Clark to Ayrton Senna, Stories of Formula 1 by Bernie Ecclestone, published by Casa

Bernie Ecclestone tells how he lived the golden age of F1, a period to make nostalgics shudder and neophytes dream. This superb work combines forgotten archives, little-known anecdotes and exceptional shots. It wants to be atypical, singular and explosive, like Formula 1, this sport like no other.

F1 - F1 books to read by the pool this summer


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