F1: Audi is studying an entry into Formula 1, a takeover offer refused by McLaren?

Audi, a subsidiary of Volksawgen, is evaluating options to enter Formula 1, according to a source familiar with the case cited by AFP on Wednesday. At a meeting in Stuttgart, the supervisory board discussed various options for making a Formula 1 entry, including « possible transactions« with McLaren, Bloomberg reported. »We are constantly looking for various ideas for cooperation as part of our strategic thinking« , simply commented a spokesperson for Audi to AFP.

On Monday, McLaren denied a takeover by Audi, explaining that « McLaren’s technology strategy had always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration« But the German manufacturer would have submitted an informal takeover offer, considered too weak by the British company, according to Bloomberg, which also mentions the option of »alternative partnerships« with the Red Bull or Williams teams. Audi has already started studying McLaren’s financial data.

A possible decision will probably not come before 2022

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Engaged like the entire Volkswagen group in a vast electric shift, Audi hopes to take advantage of an entry into Formula 1 to show off its technologies and ambitions « green« , explains the German press. »One condition is that the series is based from 2026 on hybrid technologies and synthetic fuels« , explains the daily Handelsblatt, recalling that the boss of Audi, Markus Duesmann, is a big fan of motor racing.

Figures, style, confrontations …: Verstappen vs Hamilton, who « deserves » to be champion?

Before joining the Volkswagen group, he was responsible for engine development within the BMW F1 team. A possible decision will probably not come before 2022, a source within Audi told AFP. The main shareholder of the British automaker – engaged in several categories of motorsport, including Formula 1 – is Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat.

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