F1 and Motorsport Network unveil results of largest global poll conducted by Nielsen Sports

  • The survey obtained a record 167,000 responses
  • The sport is more popular than ever, 90% of participants believe that F1 is « the pinnacle of motorsport »
  • Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo are fan favorite drivers
  • McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes atop F1 teams

Austin, Texas, October 21, 2021 – F1 and Motorsport Network today announced the results of the Global F1 Fan 2021 survey. Launched in early September, it was commissioned by Motorsport Network in partnership with Formula 1 and Nielsen Sports, world experts in information, data and measurements. Broadcast in 15 languages ​​through the Motorsport.com site, the survey received 167,000 responses from fans in 187 different countries. The 2021 survey is the largest sports survey ever analyzed by Nielsen Sports.

The results of the Global F1 Fan Poll show that Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle of motorsport in the eyes of fans around the world. Formula 1 also sees a stronger, more enthusiastic, more diverse and more evolved interest and engagement from its fans since the last survey of 2017. Overall, the survey recorded the youngest and most diverse sample size in to date, with an average age of 32 years (4 years younger than in 2017), a participation of 18.3% of women in the survey which has almost doubled (10% in 2017), and the participation of students is 26% compared to 18% in 2017.

“We are infinitely grateful to all the fans who took the time to share their opinions in this huge survey. Their opinions are invaluable to us, and we are extremely happy with the results we have seen. I also want to thank Motorsport Network and Nielsen Sports for their incredible work « , says Stefano Domenicali, CEO of F1. « We are privileged to have such an international community of fans, with races all over the world. We reach every corner of the globe through our events, TV shows, social networks and media content. chance to have such platforms but it is also a responsibility. We must protect what we have, develop it, reach more fans and ensure that these benefits continue and grow. Survey results show that we are doing good stuff and we will continue to focus on creating entertainment on and off the track because that’s what our fans want. We are excited about our future and we know our fans are too. « 

The results of the Motorsport Network Global F1 Fan survey indicate that fans are excited with the directions the sport is taking. According to respondents, F1 has strengthened its position as the world leader in motorsport, with 90% of participants believing Formula 1 to be « at the top of motorsport ». In 2017, 25% of fans said the sport was healthier than 5 years ago – this number has increased to 55%, and even more among those under 35 (59%).

« What an exciting time for an F1 fan! », expressed James Allen, president of Motorsport Network. « This survey is always a great commitment, made possible by the collaboration between Motorsport Network, Stefano, Ellie Norman and the F1 teams, as well as our colleagues at Nielsen. And of course to the fans of the 187 countries who responded to the survey, including the results show that F1 is in excellent health, certainly better than I have experienced during my 30 year career in the sport. In the past, F1 has struggled to attract younger fans, and in particular This survey shows how the new digital approach and this funnel effect in some projects like ‘Drive to survive’ on Netflix have attracted a new generation of F1 enthusiasts. Thanks to the internet and social media, anyone in anyone can become a fan of F1 today. At Motorsport Network we recognized this phenomenon some time ago, which is why we have created a global community around motorsport around the world. r. « 

According to fans surveyed, F1’s number one brand attribute is « exciting » – other brand attributes are « technological », « expensive », « competitive » and « entertaining ». This is the first time that « competitive » and « entertaining » have appeared in the top 5. In addition, two-thirds of those polled believe that F1 exceeds their expectations in terms of « cutting-edge technology ».

« Nielsen Sports is pleased to once again partner with Motorsport Network and the many F1 fans around the world to provide them with a platform where their voices are heard. This is the largest sports survey we have ever conducted, and the data clearly shows incredible growth and overall health in F1 and Motorsports « , says Nigel Geach, vice president Global Motorsport of Nielsen Sports.

The results of the investigation were revealed today at the F1 United States Grand Prix in Austin. They focus on the size and demographics of the sport’s audience, the disposition and attitude of fans towards F1, their affinity for races, teams, drivers, as well as their consumption of remote and live races.

Main results of the 2021 Global F1 Fan poll

Favorite teams, drivers and races

  • 91% of F1 fans have a favorite team, and 94% a favorite driver.
  • McLaren has experienced a renaissance and is now the most popular team, followed by Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.
  • Max Verstappen is the preferred driver, especially among the 25-34 year olds. Lando Norris is number 2 and is the highest ranked rider among women. Lewis Hamilton is number 3, he is highest ranked in the UK and by fans over 35. Daniel Ricciardo is in fourth position, the highest ranked in Australia and second among women.
  • Fan favorite races are Monza, Spa, Silverstone and Monaco.

Media, TV and video games

  • Today, half of the fans watch the races on pay TV channels.
  • 68% of fans want to watch the races live on TV, while 13.8% want to watch online.
  • More than half of fans (51%) play specialized motorsports video games. 64% of 16-34 year olds are active motorsport players.
  • Among 16-24 year olds, 80% have played Formula 1 video games and 34% have watched F1 eSports videos.

Additional results

  • A younger audience in full development: USA (50%), India (55%), China (58%), Mexico (45%); they also indicated that they have been following the sport for less than five years.
  • 55% of fans believe that F1 should be the world leader in the development of 100% sustainable fuels. 67% of fans are aware of F1’s plan to introduce 100% sustainable fuels by 2025.
  • 58% of fans think this sport is a good balance between sport and entertainment (up from 39% in 2017). This sentiment is mostly felt by new F1 fans (81% have started following F1 in the last 12 months).
  • Twitter is the most used social network during race weekends. Instagram has the fastest growing.

To access the full survey in PDF format, click here: https://f1-global-fan-survey.motorsport.com.

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