F1 2022 « not so different » in the simulator

Before discovering it in situ, the behavior of the future 2022 single-seaters is talking about a lot. Especially since the pilots had the opportunity to taste it virtually, thanks to the work done in the different team simulators. Next year, with the new technical regulations in force, the F1 cars will generate most of their support via ground effect in the hope of facilitating the peloton race. A different approach which could change the driving style according to the testimonies collected so far. Still, Valtteri Bottas takes a rather opposite view on this issue, having tested both the Mercedes and Alfa Romeo 2022 concepts in the simulator.

« At this point at least, it feels like the cars are a bit behind when it comes to downforce. », explains the Finn. “But the general feeling, virtually anyway, was not that different in either simulator. We can’t simulate following other cars or that sort of thing, but it doesn’t ‘It’s not wildly different. Maybe there is less downforce but like I said, that will change. « 

Valtteri Bottas’ opinion contrasts sharply with that of Lando Norris, who twice this year has spoken of the significant changes he has felt in the McLaren simulator while working for next year.

« For sure the style will be slightly different », said the Briton earlier this month. “In a way, I don’t think it will be that fun to drive. I think it will be a little more on the borderline in terms of attack and so on. Kind of like in F2, in a sense. , where you see that you fight more with the car and things like that. But I could be wrong because things are constantly changing. For example, what I was driving a month ago can be very different from what I was driving a month ago. I’m racing now, and it will probably be very different again when we get to race one. « 

The drivers will only be able to really discover the behavior of these F1 2022s during the first turns of the wheel which will take place in the coming weeks, with in particular a possibility of shakedown then winter tests spread over a total of six days from the end of the race. February, in Barcelona then in Bahrain. Before opening this page, Valtteri Bottas makes no secret that he will miss the current generation of F1, the fastest in history.

« It was nice, especially last year [2020], the cars were even faster than this year, with more downforce « , confides the future Alfa Romeo driver. « They were cool but I’ll tell you next year how the news is. If the race is better and we can follow each other closer then it should be even more fun, and I think in the future, the cars will quickly get as fast as they are now. Hopefully that will be the case. « 

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