extra-marital affair costs UK health minister Matt Hancock his job

It is a scandal across the Channel. Health Minister Matt Hancock had to resign after a photo showed him kissing his assistant. Unsurprisingly, this is the very popular trash newspaper, The Sun, who published the photo of the drama. In the photo, we see the Minister of Health kissing one of his assistants in his office at the ministry. The photo is taken from the video of the security cameras, which shows that you should always be wary of video surveillance.

At first, Prime Minister Boris Johnson deemed the matter unimportant, but the controversy escalated and the minister eventually apologized and resigned.

The problem is not that he is married and the father of three children: the problem is that he has been on the front line since the start of the pandemic. He was the one who gave the daily press conferences, he who asked the British to be very careful and to respect social distancing.

Last May, he still insisted on discouraging all physical contact with anyone outside your household. And this injunction was not lifted until May 17. However, the photo of the kiss in the minister’s office dates from May 6. In other words: « Do what I say, not what I do ».

His wife harassed by the paparazzi

Already last year, star epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, government adviser had to resign because the Daily Mail had revealed that he had welcomed a woman into his home during the first confinement. And who had been particularly harsh with the doctor? Who had demanded his resignation. Health Minister Matt Hancock. That’s a lot of hypocrisy.

But that’s not all. He had also criticized Dominic Cunning, adviser to Boris Johnson who had led his wife and children out of London at the very beginning of the crisis. The adviser was then avenged by revealing a text message from Boris Johnson calling his Minister of Health a “Fuck nil”. After 18 months of crisis, Matt Hancock fell for a kiss.

It is the end of his career for this 42-year-old man, who was aiming for a national destiny. A decent Englishman, Oxford and Cambridge graduate, Cricket fan and father of 3 children. A thought for his wife who learned of her misfortune on Friday just before the newspaper came out and who has since been harassed by a dozen paparazzi who follow her everywhere …

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