Executioner of the Lakers, Schröder humiliates his former team with a cash statement!

For his reunion with the Lakers, Dennis Schröder shone under the Celtics jersey in the big victory of his people. A magnificent evening, which he concluded with a confession which makes the underperformance of the Angelinos even more shameful!

His departure from the franchise this summer, which is more to obtain a contract well below his expectations with historical rivals, had a lot of fun in Los Angeles. This Friday, however, it was he who could smile. An uncertain time for the meeting, Dennis Schröder did take part in the blowout inflicted by Boston on the Lakers (summary here).

Schröder corrects the Lakers… injured

Hit in the ankle following a slight twist during his last outing against the Hawks, the German leader did not seem much diminished when he faced his former teammates. During Russell westbrook, he largely dominated his successor in LA with 21 points (8/14 shooting), 6 rebounds and 6 assists. And this, while he was far from being 100% according to his statements, delivered after the game!

Dennis Schröder said “it was cool” to have played against the Lakers. He said he twisted his ankle pretty badly against Atlanta, but « had to be there » to play against his former team. He confessed that it was still quite painful.

“I made do with it. « 

And as if that weren’t enough, the Celtics broadcaster added cash, going up a notch in the savagery:

Ghostly on many occasions during his only campaign for the Lakers, Schröder therefore achieved one of the best performances of his season against them, and with a loose ankle. The humiliation is decidedly total for the men of Frank Vogel, who leave the TD Garden with their tail between their legs. And Celtics’ spicy troll towards Westbrook probably didn’t help that!

Because a heavy loss to their long-time enemies was not enough, the Lakers suffered the law of a Dennis Schröder almost on an ankle. A great revenge for the old laughing stock of the Purple & Gold!

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