Exchange between 2 All-Stars to come to the East?

The free agency market will soon open, trades will undoubtedly become legion. In the East, that of Ben Simmons is expected, but not only. Two other All-Stars could well change environment.

Now that the draft has passed, the teams will be able to fully embark on the free agency, which will open its doors on August 2. A moment awaited by the fans, which will allow the suitors to strengthen themselves. Several teams are also hoping for some good deals, as is the case with the Raptors.

With the draft of Scottie Barnes and the probable departure of Kyle Lowry, it is the rebuilding which arrives on the side of Canada. So we are not surprised to learn the possible trade Pascal Siakam, which largely disappointed during this last exercise.

But with whom to negotiate? If the interior is truly haggled, then the interest will be generous. It is in the West that one must look according to the journalist Jack Fischer of Bleacher Report, since he evokes a possible deal between Toronto and the Blazers. Opposite, it’s another big name that would do the opposite trip: CJ McCollum.

An exchange that makes sense? Not necessarily, since McCollum would not bring anything to the Raptors as it was. A third team could invite itself to the game, even if we are still far from an outcome, according to the same source. Still, we must watch this carefully, because it is proof that these two All-Stars are potentially on the market.

There was also the idea of ​​a trade between McCollum and Siakam for the Blazers and Raptors. However, the talks have not gained much interest recently, according to sources. Executives expect Toronto to make Siakam available after Scottie Barnes draft.

McCollum and Siakam, it is certainly two stars on the departure this summer, provided to find a good offer. Is it possible ? Surely for the second, while Portland has decided to keep Damian Lillard for another chance in the West.

Big possible trade between CJ McCollum and Pascal Siakam, although many details need to be worked out. Whether for this summer or next year, a departure seems more likely than ever for these two All-Stars.

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