Excellent news before the recovery for the Nets!

Now that Kevin Durant is staying, as is Kyrie Irving, the Nets can focus on the new season. The front office has made some good acquisitions, which means that the franchise can dream of a title, at least if the drama is not too present. With this in mind, the return of a huge shooter must please the Big Apple.

In just a few weeks, the Nets will return to the courts for the start of training camp. A bit like that of the Lakers, it looks very special after a summer full of rumors. Kevin Durant wanted to leave the ship after a disagreement with Sean Marks and Steve Nash, the coach, which promises a very special atmosphere in the locker room at the start of the school year. Clearly, Brooklyn will also have to manage some problems away from the floors.

We know that the media will want to know everything at the resumption, which will directly put some pressure on the members of the roster. In addition, remember that the ambition of the Nets has not changed: it is the title or nothing in this Eastern Conference. This 2022/23 season promises to be special in the Big Apple, fortunately the latest update is very positive.

Back in force for the Nets!

It’s not just Durant and Irving in Brooklyn, since Nash can also count on the contribution of other players, like Seth Curry. A real shooter who can make the difference on the floor, while another is about to find the floors: Joe Harris. Considered one of the best in the league, the former Cavaliers player will be available for training camp, and therefore the first game of the regular season.

Joe Harris expected to be 100% for training camp after surgery

Knowing that Harris had two operations on his ankle according to the NY Post is great news. The shooter feels much better, and ready to start the upcoming exercise alongside his teammates. Needless to say, if he regains his former form, it could do a lot of damage on the floor.

Big news for the Nets

Joe Harris should be available and 100% ready for the Nets’ takeover, which is perfect for the franchise. We’re talking about one of the best shooters in the league at his best, making him a perfect match for the other stars in the squad. Here’s a nice shot in the Big Apple.

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