« Everyone get ready, he’s going to do the show and apply for the MVP! »


Like each offseason, fans and analysts get into the betting game, and in particular try to predict who will be elected MVP in a few months. Stephen A. Smith has just revealed his favorite in this race, which is clearly something to shock!

Even before being able to gauge the level of each player and their teams, it is difficult to deliver well-argued and very reliable forecasts. Yet many observers try to imagine what the future MVP could be every summer. The 2022-23 pre-season is no exception to the rule, and sometimes sees explosive opinions being expressed, especially on US television.

Stephen A. Smith’s Surprise Candidate for MVP

With about a month to go until Opening Night, a few big names are already in the MVP discussion. Others, on the other hand, may be more surprising. This is for example the case of the one quoted by Stephen A. Smith on the set of First Take, this Tuesday. Not because of his intrinsic talent, but rather because of his very negative image in the mind of the ESPN journalist!

Kyrie Irving will apply for the title of MVP and is one of the favorites. I think he’s going to do the show this season. Everyone prepare for this, because the brother is going to play for a new big contract, and that matters! (…) He’s going to want to prove that he can be professional — and that’s what I think he’s going to do, and he’s going to be one of the main candidates for MVP because he’s going to put on a show!

A surprising release coming from Stephen A., who is more used to destroying Kyrie Irving for his extra-sporting escapades and his repeated absences. However, according to him, the current context, which will see the leader of the Nets test free agency next summer, will necessarily push him to shine. His recent workouts with other superstars in the league seem to confirm this trend!

Never ranked in the MVP race so far in his career, could Kyrie Irving be the winner next year? In any case, this is what his great detractor Stephen A. Smith expects. Like what, the famous analyst can sometimes speak well of Uncle Drew!


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