Every Thursday morning, the seniors of the CCAS of Saint-Amand-Montrond push to the sports hall

“Come on, today, I want to close my eyes. It’s crazy to be late when you’re retired, ”jokes Constantin Kostadinov, manager of the Saint-Amandoise sports hall Le Kube.

Béguinage, “a village within the city” in Saint-Amand-Montrond

Facing him, eleven women, all members of the Communal Center for Social Action (CCAS) in Saint-Amand-Montrond. If they are present, this Thursday, it is within the framework of the new workshop planned in the agenda of the CCAS. A workshop that takes place every Thursday morning, from 10 to 11 am.

“My wish is that seniors approach old age as calmly as possible”

The initiative originated from Konstantin Kostadinov. He explains :

“I approached Isabelle Chaput (vice-president of the CCAS of Saint-Amand-Montrond, deputy mayor in charge of social affairs, editor’s note), sometime ago. I proposed to carry out two “discovery” sports sessions. With this workshop, my wish is that seniors approach old age as calmly as possible. »

“We have already warmed up the language well there”, smiles a member, before starting the session. “You will move towards the benches”, explains Constantin Kostadinov.

In the room, laughter and discussions have given way to the sound of breathing.
The coach gives his first instructions: « You are going to grab the rubber bands and bend your legs ».

Balance and muscle building

“Members do “vital body”, continues Constantin Kostadinov. It’s muscle building with small equipment. They do sheathing, but also work on their mobility and balance. In France, seniors can play sports very well, but they still have to be aware of it. »

For an hour, the exercises follow one another. The coach motivates the members in his own way: “You are so strong that I can offer you one last trick”.

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Sam’s « Enfoirés » at the fair are preparing their return

10:50 a.m., meeting over. The members have “finally finished”, but all agree on one point: they will come back. Michèle, 75, assures:

“I come to keep in shape, above all. I also come to keep a certain balance, I walk a lot. This is my third session, and it only brings me good. »

For Anne-Marie, 68, this session was the first. From a long series. “I was sick, I have just resumed sport. I loved it, I’m thinking of taking out a subscription. We make movements that come out of our daily lives. I knew this gym, but reading Crossfit on the storefront, I got scared. More and more older people should get into the game of sport. »

« Better muscular endurance », « go further in the effort »

Movements « that come out of our daily life », that was one of the objectives of the CCAS of Saint-Amand-Montrond, when accepting the partnership with Le Kube. “We are used to getting our seniors moving, assures Isabelle Chaput. However, adherents move around on hikes or bike rides. »

For Constantin Kostadinov, the members are “impressive”.

“For debut, I am impressed. By the will of these people, of a certain age, to talk to each other. »

The sports coach reveals the progress that the members, who carefully follow the workshops, could make by June. “They will have better muscular endurance, they will be able to move free weights, and be able to go further in the effort. As for the first charges raised, we will wait, ”he concludes with a smile.

Jeraud Mouchet

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