Every day, sports schools fill up at La Seyne

The various sports facilities in the town have turned into a veritable anthill. Since the beginning of the holidays, 200 children aged 6 to 15 have been walking the trails of the Janas forest on mountain bikes every day, climbing the ROC en Seyne climbing wall, bouncing on the trampolines of the Léry complex, hitting the little yellow ball in Barban where many more traditional disciplines are still practiced at the Baquet, Scaglia and Langevin stadiums.

A veritable farandole of sports organized by the municipality, via the sports department, which offers courses from one week to the day (or half-day for the youngest) to all the children of the town and the surrounding area.

Nature awareness

The municipal sports schools (EMS) bring together during extracurricular time (evenings and Wednesdays) nearly 500 children from the municipality enrolled in around twenty sports activities. One of the main objectives of the municipality is to recreate a real bridge between the EMS and the clubs.

« The EMS must be accessible to all families because each child must have the opportunity to practice a sportexplains the municipal councilor for sports Daniel Martinez. Especially since the EMS are dedicated to discovery and initiation, and not to development or performance. This municipal offer must be complementary to those offered by the clubs. We are working on it to modernize and meet the expectations of the population and associations. These internships are the perfect illustration of this and highlight the excellent work of sports educators who are enormously solicited in the development of projects and the implementation of these, but who are the keystone of this success. »

« We have modified our offer by offering full-day activities (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) so that children can benefit from a multiplicity of sports activities during the week and from an education in sports culture, we explain to the sports department. Beyond sports practice and the values ​​attached, our sports educators also undertake work aimed at transmitting to all children specific knowledge related to each sport practice (history, rules, athletes, etc.). In Janas, they practiced mountain biking, but also orienteering, while adding an awareness of nature with the discovery of fauna and flora. In multisports, they are introduced to various collective or individual sports (rugby, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, climbing, tennis, etc.). With these courses, the children come out of the school sporting environment with times of sharing and conviviality that are much more playful. »

Nautical activities in spring

This formula is a delight for parents who can drop off their offspring in the morning and pick them up at the end of the afternoon. « without competing with the outdoor centers since they are also full »we are assured of the side of the one-stop shop which centralizes registrations.

Moreover, it only took three days to fill all the slots for these courses which will be carried over to the next holidays with the addition of nautical activities since the weather conditions will be more favorable than in February.

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