Even without employment contract, MLB reveals 162-game schedule for 2022

Even if the 2021 season is not over, the MLB must already begin to look at the 2022 campaign. Indeed, organizing a season is not a simple thing and we must already start to prepare the schedule accordingly.

The only small problem is that the employment contract between MLB and the Players’ Association expires at the end of this season. So, until there is an agreement, it is impossible to say for sure that there will be MLB baseball in 2022.

However, Rob Manfred seems confident enough to reach an agreement with the Players’ Association, given that the MLB unveiled its schedule for 2022 earlier today.

It will start on March 31 and end on October 2. In addition, each team has 162 games on the schedule. The MLB is actually expecting a full season.

Also remember that the All-Star Game will take place at Dodger Stadium next year. The MLB plans to hold it on July 19, 2022.

Still, it shows a lot of confidence on the part of the MLB to come to an agreement with the players. We know that the recent negotiations between the two parties were quite stormy (the most recent, those to organize the 2020 season when COVID-19 was raging, were extremely difficult), but obviously, we believe that an agreement will be carried out.

As a supporter, I hope so!

We know that there are several issues that risk dividing the two parties (the hitter of choice, seven-innings doubles, etc.), but the MLB has already said it is ready to make concessions.

I think the Players’ Association will have an important leverage in the negotiations, since the teams cannot afford to lose money by not playing following difficult months financially.

Getting back to the 2022 schedule, the Toronto Blue Jays will start their season on March 31 in Baltimore. They will return home (hopefully Toronto this time) on April 4 to face the Rays.

As for the Yankees, Joey Gallo will have the opportunity to reunite with his former team while the Bronx Bombardiers will be visiting Globe Life Field to kick off their season.

However, we will see if the season will start on March 31 or if a labor dispute will force a postponement of the start of the league’s activities.

Hopefully this will be the first scenario!

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