even Jahlil Okafor has his highlight, so it’s worth the detour


We have known for a while, if the big men want to survive in today’s NBA, they have to be versatile. Make good passes, have a good wrist, shoot, dribble … in short, you have to be more and more skilful with the puff, and that sometimes gives sacred results. The proof with the official compilation of the best handles interiors during last season.

On the menu of today’s video, we have: Mason Plumlee who makes the bachata to our national TLC and JaVale McGee who mystifies the entire Celtics team to end up with a big tomar, just like Zion who lets off steam on the Knicks. Combo for Twin towers of Toronto Chris Boucher and Pascal Siakam, who respectively put Poku and Marvin Bagley on the ass while Myles Turner sends Paul Millsap to retirement. Tribute to Hakeem and his Dream shake now with the international minute: the sequence begins with a war in the Balkans between Niko Jokic and Zubac – we let you guess who won – while Jojo Embiid makes us a remake of Shaq versus Chris Dudley on poor Dario Saric. As for Giannis, he makes us Giannis. Finally, icing on the cake with DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Jahlil Okafor who show that they are still the bosses of the racket – you have to take it out without stuttering in 2021 this one -. In short, enough to rinse your eye and be surprised given the quality of moves of these great gentlemen.

Decidedly, the big ones in the League look more and more like big ones guards. Can you say that we were well served when we did not even have Bam Adebayo, AD, Julius Randle, Domantas or KAT in this video. However, they too are no slouch in crossovers. While the NBA is also in the process of making its Top 100 handles of the season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see quite a few of these big guys well placed in the final standings.


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