Even heavier F1 cars in 2022

The future Formula 1 single-seaters, which will be launched next season, will be even heavier than expected!

No diet for future Formula 1 cars during this festive period! The latest version of the 2022 F1 technical regulations posted on the FIA ​​website shows that the minimum weight of 2022 F1 cars has been further revised upwards.

Initially, the minimum weight of the F1 cars in 2022 was to be 775 kg, including the driver, but without fuel. Finally, to accompany the great technical revolution desired by sport for next season, the limit has been raised to 795 kilos by the governing bodies, which represents an increase of 43 kg compared to 2021!

This means that with on-board fuel, future Formula 1 single-seaters will weigh nearly a tonne when they align with the starting grids for the Grand Prix in 2022.

This will hardly please the seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, who had already made no secret of his dissatisfaction last June.

 » I don’t understand why we are getting heavier and heavier, he was surprised, especially when there is all this talk about making the championship more sustainable. If you are heavier, you inevitably use more energy. So it’s not really going in the right direction or in the right thought process. « 

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