“Even dead, I will never sign with the Yankees”

Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. doesn’t have the New York Yankees in his heart, far from it.

In an interview with Dominican personality Vincent Carmona Arias, on the latter’s Youtube channel, « El Dotol Nastra », the 23-year-old athlete revealed that Yankee Stadium was the stadium where he liked to play the best, excluding home. of the Jays, the Rogers Centre. However, there is a very specific reason behind this choice.

“I love playing in New York. I like to kill the Yankees”, launched Guerrero son.

In 31 career games at home for Toronto’s division rivals, the Dominican batted .287 while hitting 10 homers and producing 31 runs.

It is therefore normal to assume that the son of the former star of the Montreal Expos would not join the Yankees if he decided to leave the Blue Jays to take advantage of his complete autonomy, in 2026.

“Even dead, I will never sign with the Yankees,” Guerrero added.

In 2022, the Blue Jays player didn’t have as impressive a season as the previous one offensively, but he still maintained a .274 batting average, hitting 32 long balls. He also drove in 97 runs. It was for his defensive play that he was most recognized, having won his first Golden Glove.

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