Evan Fournier would like to see Joel Embiid in the French team

Victor Wembanyama is not the only subject of conversation concerning the France of basketball. There is also a lot of talk at the moment about Joel Embiid and his potential naturalization, and Evan Fournier gave his opinion, without filter, as always.

After shaking up the basketball world by taking a French… and American passport in quick succession, Joel Embiid hasn’t let anything show since. We imagine that the pivot of the Sixers, winner of the Nets this night, has the deadline of Paris 2024 in mind, perhaps even that of the World Cup 2023, but nothing has leaked since the last announcements, apart of course from the various players in French basketball who are positioning themselves in turn. We know Nicolas Batum close to the file, we also know that Rudy Gobert afraid for his place warned that if Jojo came it would be to comply with the playing conditions and French state of mind, while Vincent Collet prefers to do the policy of the ostrich, nice, I who have always dreamed of using this expression.

All that to say what? That it was Evan Fournier’s turn to have been questioned on the issue by Mundo Deportivo, and that as usual Vavane did not leave his tongue in his pocket and therefore answered without jargon, that’s twice language in the same sentence, a sentence sponsored by Nicolas and Jack Lang.

“Joel Embiid with us? We’ll see. He has American citizenship now, but I don’t think he will play with Team USA.

If he chooses France? He will be welcome. We will welcome him with open arms. We will be very competitive with the addition of a new big man. Something special is building.”

With the very probable addition of Victor Wembanyama, the idea of ​​a frontcourt composed of Wemby, Gobert and Embiid very logically makes many people fantasize. As often Evan does not take gloves, perhaps motivated by a complicated period for him during which he prefers to project himself on a bright tomorrow. « It’s good or it’s not good », the debate on naturalizations is not yesterday and will not stop tomorrow, but from a pure basketball point of view everyone seems to be in any case. agreement with the possible benefits of Joel Embiid on a floor.

Would Joel Embiid and his 33 points average in the NBA be a good reinforcement for the Blues? Don’t know, and we don’t know either if the rain wets, just like we don’t know if two plus two equals four. In any case, good news, the ban(c) of Evan Fournier does not seem to have had any effect on his basketball analysis.

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