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This time, he will not escape it! After having preferred not to test the transfer market last fall, Evan Fournier will indeed be a free agent on August 1st. Except that he no longer wears the Magic jersey, but that of the Celtics, and obviously the situation is different.

In Orlando, he was one of the bosses of the team, and could claim a very big contract. In Boston, he’s a 6th man, and he’s surrounded by already high-paid players like Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker.

 » This is a difficult question. The season has just ended. I have to join the French team, and I have the free agency to manage as well. I have a lot of things on my mind, and thist is not the right time to talk about it ” replied Evan Fournier when asked about this subject after the elimination against the Nets. « But what can I tell you about the Celtics? » This is obviously a very first class franchise. They really proved it. They were really happy to recruit me and they showed me a lot of affection, and everyone was extremely positive. « 

The Frenchman recalled that he had lived through very complicated times since his arrival was mainly marked by illness, forced to stay in bed because of the Covid, and it took him time to recover from it. . “It wasn’t easy for me. Obviously, my first match was not good (0 out of 10 on shots) then I had the Covid and all that … But from the players to the managers, through the staff, they all showed a lot of affection for me, and that’s something that I really, really enjoyed. I really insist. « 

For now, this is what Evan Fournier retains, and for the Blues with the Olympic Games or the « free agency », he will see that later. “For the free agency, we’ll see… I don’t even know the date. I have no idea when this will start. We’ll see. « 

In principle, the start of the “free agency” is scheduled for August 2, a few days after the 2021 Draft, and it will therefore be right in the middle of the Tokyo Olympics.

Evan FournierPercentageRebounds
2020-21 *All Teams423045.741.378.
2020-21 *ENT263046.138.879.
2020-21 *BOS163044.846.371.

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