Evan Fournier victim of an injustice, the proof bursts!

Evan Fournier has still not played this Wednesday evening. The Frenchman has been removed from the Knicks rotation for a few weeks, a decision by Tom Thibodeau which is starting to be debated. If it is obvious that the former Magic is struggling, he also needs a chance to revive. The statistics prove it.

That’s not the joy right now in the Big Apple. The Knicks lost this Wednesday night with a score of 109-103, against the Bucks. No one will blame this roster, especially when Giannis Antetokounmpo starts dropping 37 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists at Madison Square Garden. RJ Barrett however managed a good match, with 26 points at 8/15 on his shot.

Evan Fournier back soon?

New York still struggles to realize its potential. We feel that this team can switch back to positive with its record, but this roster is still struggling with their address. This is where Evan Fournier could help his teammates, although he didn’t play Wednesday night against Milwaukee. It may be time for Tom Thibodeau to reintegrate him into the rotation.

With Fournier, the Knicks gave up 115 points per game. Without him on the team, the Knicks are giving up 121 points per game. Our defense has gotten worse since Fournier was benched. How it is possible ?

First of all, we must recognize that Fournier did not succeed in a big defensive job with the Knicks. From there to making him responsible for the problems as Thibodeau did by putting him on the bench? Maybe not. Let’s not forget that an Evan in a good evening at the shoot remains a real asset.

For some, it’s time to bring the Frenchman back into the rotation after this November break. The Knicks need an extra offensive threat more than ever:

it’s because Evan Fournier wasn’t that bad on defense. We need his shot.

Could Evan Fournier return to the Knicks rotation soon? In any case, the current trend leans towards the yes, especially if we look at the results of his team in his absence. Let’s hope for good news in the coming weeks for the Frenchman.

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