Evan Fournier towards a big cold shower on the recovery?

While he battles body and soul with the French team to bring back a Eurobasket medal, Evan Fournier will quickly have to switch to the NBA and the season that awaits him with the Knicks. But even before having set foot in the Big Apple, a rumor circulating will not please the tricolor at all, and could call a lot of things into question…

For now, Evan Fournier doesn’t have time to think about the NBA, to put it mildly. Captain of a French team which led a first round rich in twists and turns, the rear thinks only of his mission in the national team. But soon enough, it is the Knicks that the former Orlando will have in mind, he who is coming out of a rocky season for his first campaign in New York. The weak point ? The lack of regularity, no doubt. The strong point ? The outside address, with no less than 241 3-point shots planted.

Despite everything, the Knicks generally disappointed their fanbase last season, and change seems to be looming on the side of Manhattan. The arrival of Jalen Brunson, who arrives in the skin of a star, as well as the development of several young shoots, could quite simply threaten Fournier’s place in the 5 major.

Evan Fournier about to lose his starting spot?

Recently, renowned ESPN journalist Zach Lowe took advantage of a podcast to discuss with Ian Begley, SNY journalist and among the most reliable about the Knicks. During the discussion, Lowe established what he believes to be the rotation to follow for the 2022-2023 season. And surprise (or not): Evan is left behind and demoted to the bench.

The Knicks’ 5 major according to Zach Lowe:

Jalen Brunson
Quentin Grimes
RJ Barrett
Julius Randle
Mitchell Robinson

The bench :

Derrick Rose
Emmanuel Quickley
Obi Toppin
Isaiah Hartenstein
Evan Fournier

Yet among the most skilled 3-point snipers in the league last season, Evan Fournier could therefore, if we are to believe Zach Lowe, lose his starting place in Tom Thibodeau’s rotation. The situation would not be easy to manage on two counts. First, with his contract at nearly 20 million dollars, the Frenchman does not have a salary cut to get off the bench. In addition, Fournier has started in 457 of the 473 games played since 2016. Suffice to say that a change in status would be a hard pill to swallow.

Nothing is obviously official, but after a generally disappointing season and an offseason marked by the arrival of Jalen Bruson, Tom Thibodeau could be tempted to reorganize his rotations. And in this little game, Evan Fournier could bear the brunt of the maneuver… A file to watch.

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