Evan Fournier threatened by a serious track from the Knicks!

Often cited in talks regarding the Donovan Mitchell trade, Evan Fournier knows his future is not yet certain with the Knicks. It could be traded this summer, or in a year, depending on the aggressiveness of its leaders. A target returns in any case with insistence, and this is not good news for the Frenchman.

The Knicks have been dreaming of attracting a big star to their squad for some time now, in order to take a real step forward in this Eastern Conference. Donovan Mitchell could have been concerned, but an agreement could not be reached with the Jazz of Danny Ainge, who turned down an offer including Evan Fournier. The French full-back has been traded off according to several insiders, meaning his future remains in jeopardy.

Despite a new three-point record for the franchise, Fournier is still widely debated in the Big Apple. He hopes to catch up next year, by making the playoffs first, but he must be wary of a possible trade. After all, there are still attractive targets in the market, like in Utah. Three names are technically available: Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic and finally Jordan Clarkson.

Evan Fournier threatened by a trade with the Knicks?

Concerning New York, it is the second city which begins to return with insistence. Bogdanovic remains a very popular player with his 18.1 average points, and a 39% from three points. A scorer capable of punishing the opposing team, which could put him in direct competition with Evan if he comes to the Knicks. It is also possible that the Frenchman is involved in a possible trade.

The Knicks have Bojan Bogdanovic on their radar.

A very attractive name for the Knicks, with a veteran capable of bringing great things offensively. Of course, and as often on the side of the NBA, everything will depend on the price in return to be paid. But knowing that Danny Ainge is always on the other end of the line, concluding this file does not promise to be easy, especially after the failure of Mitchell and the many refused offers.

Randle versus Bojan let’s go!

Can Evan Fournier be traded before the recovery? Certainly. Not good news for the Frenchman, but he remains « tradable », especially given his current contract. If he gets a second chance, then it’s up to the former Magic player to put everyone in the Big Apple with his performance.

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