Evan Fournier reveals Jordan’s wild sentence for their 1st meeting!

Well established in the big league, Evan Fournier notably had the opportunity to cross paths with Michael Jordan. And the latter did not take long to announce the color, as the rear recently told in an interview with Canal +. The anecdote is worth gold!

In 10 years spent in the NBA, Evan Fournier had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the cream of the orange ball. It could even be the case on a daily basis, since some rumors see him being traded to the Lakers from LeBron James. A pretty crazy prospect! Speaking of GOAT candidates, the Knick also had the chance to see Michael Jordan up close, with the latter appearing at every Hornets game he owns.

In fact, as he recently explained during an interview with Canal+, the French international was even able to speak with His Airness a few times. Inevitably an honor for any player, and the back logically felt privileged. He notably told his first head-to-head with the former Bull at Moulour Achoud. According to his own words, the person concerned made a strong impression, even dropping a wild punchline at the Habs behind a compliment!

Jordan on Fournier: “Only there are you better than me! »

Off the field, I have already met Michael Jordan. It was on his birthday, in Paris. There had been an idea at the Paris City Hall. It was one of the few times I was like, “Wow! He was with his cigar, of course. I said to myself: “Ah yeah, there… it’s Michael, what! I talked a little with him. And immediately, you understand that the guy is completely crazy.

He’s too competitive. He talks to me, he asks me how you’re doing, and then he says to his friend: “He’s a better shooter than me! But that’s all eh, for everything else I’m better than him! I was like, ‘Dude, Mike, we’re having a good time, stop it.’ Right away in the spirit of competition. It shows the image of the guy too.

We recognize there the character of MJ, known for never conceding anything to his opponents on the floors. The fact that he releases such a phrase with a cigar in his mouth gives him an even more impressive aura! Even retired, the Hall of Fame has not changed one iota in terms of mentality. However, More Champagne had another chat with him, this time in the US. The opportunity for him to live another great moment alongside Mike:

Fournier : The second time was after a game in Orlando.
Achoud : He knew very well who you were in fact, he knew your stats. Don’t you see it like, « It’s amazing, Michael Jordan knows me »?
Fournier : Actually, he has to know me now, since he owns a team that I play against all the time. But the first thing he said to me was « How are you, Ev? » », and then I thought « Oh yeah, he calls me Ev now, it’s heavy, I’ve become someone! It was a real kiff.

For someone who started basketball by drawing inspiration from the greatest, it was inevitably an unforgettable moment for Evan Fournier to converse in this way with Michael Jordan. The fact that it is so informal is all the more flattering for the Frenchy, recognized by his eldest!

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