Evan Fournier reacts to Rudy Gobert’s enormous clutch action!

Rudy Gobert was exceptional against the Clippers by achieving the action of the match! He indeed offered victory to his team on a monstrous counter, to the delight of his friend Evan Fournier. The back of the Celtics immediately reacted on social media.

Evan Fournier had complicated playoffs with the Celtics… Forced to defend on James harden, he was harmed by the Bearded Man and by ruthless internet users ! Fortunately the ordeal did not last since Boston could not do anything against the armada of the Nets… As the great champion that he is, the rear quickly moved on, and he is now waiting for the start for the JO watching the rest of the postseason.

This Tuesday, he was necessarily fully behind his screen to see his best friend Rudy Gobert in action! And he mustn’t have been disappointed with the show, since the pivot of the France team ensured victory for his family with a masterful counter ! On the networks, Evan Fournier was quick to react by sending a strong message about end-of-season rewards.

Big against Rudy !!! # Defender Of The Year

Before the match, he also re-discovered a former star …

I forgot the Clippers had DeMarcus Cousins. He will play a big role in the series for sure.

Like many fans, Evan Fournier had totally forgotten the presence of DeMarcus Cousins ​​on the Clippers bench! He did not shine as much as the “Defender of the Year”, but seeing him in the playoffs was still quite satisfactory. And because the tricolor rear would not be himself without this dose of madness, he also shared his favorite track of the moment. It’s not very basketball, but it’s very funny!

Evan Fournier is thoroughly in front of the playoffs, and he will support his friend until the end! He does it by listening to singular music, but his encouragement should carry Rudy Gobert!

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