Evan Fournier reacts to big trade rumors about him!

Although busy with Eurobasket and his mission with the France team, Evan Fournier has at the same time been the subject of many transfer rumors this summer. A destabilizing phenomenon on which he has expressed himself with hindsight and maturity in recent hours.

When some players had to find the long time before resuming training with their franchise, he didn’t really see it pass. Eliminated from the title race even before the start of the play-in tournament with the Knicks, Evan Fournier however played a lively Euro, concluded with a lost final with the France team. All of this, while still making the news on the NBA planet.

Evan Fournier not affected by the noises of departure

Even recently, Fournier found himself in crazy trade rumors that sent him far from New York. Finally, he should continue his journey in the Big Apple, and even maintain his status as starting back according to Tom Thibodeau. It is therefore with detachment that he was able to discuss his way of digesting this gossip, this Tuesday, on the sidelines of the first day of training camp:

It’s hard not to follow all that. Moreover, when the off-season started, I told my wife that it was the first time in my career that I was in a big market, so we had to expect a lot of speculation, this kind of stuff. You also have friends who follow what is said on the internet and all that, and they relay everything to you! But that’s part of the thing.

Indeed, approaching his 30th birthday, and from the top of his 10 seasons in the league, the captain of the Blues now knows how to make sense of things, and not to be discouraged by this kind of noise from the hallway. his subject :

I think at the beginning of my career, it might have touched me a little bit or something. But now I’m about to start my 11th season, and I know how it goes. You can’t control that, and as I said before, I was focused on Eurobasket anyway.

Without panicking, Evan let the storm pass, and seems satisfied to start a second campaign in NY. Impossible to say the same for the New York fans, many of whom rail against his announced return to the five of the team !

With all his experience, but also thanks to his busy schedule with the France team, Evan Fournier was able to perfectly manage the rumors that announced him leaving the Knicks. Now it’s up to him to prove that he still has his place!

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